Monday, 1 August 2011

7th and8th Week in Campus

Assalamualaikum everyone,
Ramadhan is here and I'm sure most of us really getting into the fasting season...this is also the first time I fasted outside Sabah,surely its pretty hard here but still it's fun...I've been really busy this past 2 week till I can't update this blog...ALRIGHT NOW!!!! TO THE UPDATE!!!

Visual research and communication:
Submitted the texture and got a new assignment that suppose to due today but delayed cause I didn't have enough material to present my works...THE TONAL VALUES...for this week I got the last assignment for this class before we reach the FINAL ARTWORK ASSIGNMENT....wish me luck^^

Basic Photography:
Shooted out talent assignment on DEPTH OF FIELD STUDY but get rejected,shooted again but this time without consultation..sure hope my lecturer accept my work this time...amin...

Final Photo for Submission

Live Drawing:
Erm,got some bad news,my lecturer got a heart problem and needed operation...the good news is he made it through the operation,Alhamdulillah...we drew a landscape by using chinese ink...for me this one is exciting...^^
the next week we started again doing the box thingie....practice makes perfect and by that time I'm starting to loose my touch...seriously...

Computer Graphic:
Submited the motion shape take a look..^^ : The Model??? Yeah it's ME...

General English:
Finish on summary study and taken mid-term test by yesterday...pretty good question too...

Media Appreciation:
2nd assignment due this week and I still haven't done it yet...
on week 7 we watched the movie 'Not one Less',from the same director of 'The Road Home' on week 6
last week we watch The Beetle Movie-"A Hard Days Night"...pretty fun and funny too...havent been watching any funny movie this past few weeks...

Thats all for this seeing you guys again...until then Wasalam...^^