Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Final Semesters and New Semesters

Assalamualaikum you all, (n_n)7
been very long time since I updated this blog and so many things that I didnt post finals and my result...hmm...not so good...only pointer of 3.01...suppose to be satisfied but I didnt,cause I didnt do my best in this semesters...everything is last minute so in this new semester I insist on doing my assignment as early as possible...
Everything went well in my life about this few week since I didnt updated this blog,been busy with finals,past time job,outing,and a lot more...Its not easy being as a student but life must go are some picture in my final week of the last 1st trimester...

Visual Research 1st Semester Final Assignment :: Local Culture~Instrument | Kulintang

Computer Graphic 1st Semester Final Assignments :: University Advertising Poster 

Basic Photography 1st Semester Final Assignment :: Figurines | Creative Composition

Last Eid I have a good time spending time with family,friends and my beloved...'Zehratul Syita'...some picture of it...
My lil bro,don't underestimate him,he's a photographer  too ya know...
My niece...kinda cute eh??

The Great Moment in this Eid..^^

Cousin from my Father Side(and my lil bro)...All grown up...^^

My grandma from my mother side..^^

iPad??? Not my taste la uncle...=.=

This two always making havoc with me during Eid...^^

My mother side cousin...most of them are really beautiful and smart...^^

with my beloved family...^^ ]

The 2 most 'powerful' guy in the group...ngehehe

Well that look really something right??

 with friend and Zehra Syita but because of not showing of,Im not posting her picture here...Just in case I mean...

This have been a very different Eid I've been in my whole life...
Having an Eid at other people state,far away from home with's very meaningful to me although its just a  short Eid together, at least this is my first time spending this blessed moment with her...Alhamdulillah,thank you your grace for giving me the chance...

While in my vacation I've done some photo shooting and video shooting practice and I hope my camera control are getting a lot are some that I've done... 

Photo Shooting :

My other hobby other than digital@traditional drawing~Card Flourishing
p/s: I am no gambler...Astaghfirullah...

My Oldest cat,She's about 2 years old already..I called her Bengkok...^^

 Macro Practice Outing with a dragonfly...^^
Nice right?? One and only in Sabah...^^

Zooming or Hologram I wonder??

Video Shoot:

First Beta~The Tools by Fareez Yusop

Second Beta~Kundalini Rising performed by FareezYusop

Finish with the 1st semester and now for the 2nd semester challenge..Insyaallah I can get through this semster...wish me luck...^^

Wasalam till then...

Monday, 1 August 2011

7th and8th Week in Campus

Assalamualaikum everyone,
Ramadhan is here and I'm sure most of us really getting into the fasting season...this is also the first time I fasted outside Sabah,surely its pretty hard here but still it's fun...I've been really busy this past 2 week till I can't update this blog...ALRIGHT NOW!!!! TO THE UPDATE!!!

Visual research and communication:
Submitted the texture and got a new assignment that suppose to due today but delayed cause I didn't have enough material to present my works...THE TONAL VALUES...for this week I got the last assignment for this class before we reach the FINAL ARTWORK ASSIGNMENT....wish me luck^^

Basic Photography:
Shooted out talent assignment on DEPTH OF FIELD STUDY but get rejected,shooted again but this time without consultation..sure hope my lecturer accept my work this time...amin...

Final Photo for Submission

Live Drawing:
Erm,got some bad news,my lecturer got a heart problem and needed operation...the good news is he made it through the operation,Alhamdulillah...we drew a landscape by using chinese ink...for me this one is exciting...^^
the next week we started again doing the box thingie....practice makes perfect and by that time I'm starting to loose my touch...seriously...

Computer Graphic:
Submited the motion shape take a look..^^ : The Model??? Yeah it's ME...

General English:
Finish on summary study and taken mid-term test by yesterday...pretty good question too...

Media Appreciation:
2nd assignment due this week and I still haven't done it yet...
on week 7 we watched the movie 'Not one Less',from the same director of 'The Road Home' on week 6
last week we watch The Beetle Movie-"A Hard Days Night"...pretty fun and funny too...havent been watching any funny movie this past few weeks...

Thats all for this seeing you guys again...until then Wasalam...^^

Sunday, 17 July 2011

6th Week In Campus

Assalamualaikum again,
Wow,this week is really challenging for me,a lot of assignment that have to be done outdoors.
Well that's the process of being an excellence and successful person...
Alright ! Now to this week Entry !!!

Visual Research and communication:
TEXTURE~an assignment that have to be done using real and simulated item....this assignment doesn't really hard if we know how to do it,wish me luck^^

Basic Photography:
ISO~the quality of the picture that we take...
1) Depth of Field : Talent have to be well dressed and is not included in any foundation faculty in the campus.The picture must be taken with an historical building as the background...*sigh*
2) Motion Capture Studies : Waterfall movement that has to be capture in freezed motion and moving motion.
I've done the second assignment at Negeri Sembilan,Hutan Lipur Jeram Toi. Here's some picture of us while we are there^^

 'To pray is a must to Muslim'

 Don't know what his problem is,to mush stress I think^^

Live drawing:
Continue our assignment last week and mine was accepted with beautiful flying colours...

Computer Graphic:
Assignment Submitted~Profile photo tracing...took 6 hour to complete it..^^

Media Appreciation:
Continue on our study on media concept and watched the movie 'The Road Home';a mandarin movie that talks about the life of a young teacher and a young village girl....kind of a love story so I'm not really interested to it...but the funny part of this movie is the hero resemble 80% of my colleges in the class...wee can't stop laughing bout it...

Thats all for this week,hopefully to post sooner if I might...^^
Until then;Wasalam for you all