Sunday, 17 July 2011

6th Week In Campus

Assalamualaikum again,
Wow,this week is really challenging for me,a lot of assignment that have to be done outdoors.
Well that's the process of being an excellence and successful person...
Alright ! Now to this week Entry !!!

Visual Research and communication:
TEXTURE~an assignment that have to be done using real and simulated item....this assignment doesn't really hard if we know how to do it,wish me luck^^

Basic Photography:
ISO~the quality of the picture that we take...
1) Depth of Field : Talent have to be well dressed and is not included in any foundation faculty in the campus.The picture must be taken with an historical building as the background...*sigh*
2) Motion Capture Studies : Waterfall movement that has to be capture in freezed motion and moving motion.
I've done the second assignment at Negeri Sembilan,Hutan Lipur Jeram Toi. Here's some picture of us while we are there^^

 'To pray is a must to Muslim'

 Don't know what his problem is,to mush stress I think^^

Live drawing:
Continue our assignment last week and mine was accepted with beautiful flying colours...

Computer Graphic:
Assignment Submitted~Profile photo tracing...took 6 hour to complete it..^^

Media Appreciation:
Continue on our study on media concept and watched the movie 'The Road Home';a mandarin movie that talks about the life of a young teacher and a young village girl....kind of a love story so I'm not really interested to it...but the funny part of this movie is the hero resemble 80% of my colleges in the class...wee can't stop laughing bout it...

Thats all for this week,hopefully to post sooner if I might...^^
Until then;Wasalam for you all

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