Saturday, 2 July 2011

4th week in Campus

Assalamualaikum and and hye again to all,

Well,this is the 4th week post for my journal,I'am starting to get used to live here.
Alrighty then,lets get started this week post!!! Yosh!!!

Visual research and communication class:
Been really busy doing my assignment and its due tomorrow,glad that I finished it and man its really tiring to do this stuff...Got all the stationery for the project and consultation hour really helps a lot...thanks to all the lecturers..^^

Basic photography class:
Got some photo to share with you guys,Im not uploading it all cause the others just a random and misc pictures...My 1st attempt so may not look so good

Snapshots of surroundings before the others arrive;

these are my friend;Ahmad Zuhairy^^

Nazim Zaki

Our respected Lecturer;Mr Che' Ahmad Azhar^^ in studio and outdoors 

The Ladies ^^ (Don't get the wrong idea k guy's...-_-)

Tripod Practice with Mah buddies;

Live drawing class:
Just the same routine every weeks...still practicing to draw lines....not much to talk about it still....

General English class:
Started to writing practice and still doing exercises for paraphrasing....yet not much to talk about...

Computer Graphic:
This one is exciting!!! We now started learning to trace a real picture to a line art...nice and HARD!!!
I still have my fun though...^^

Media appreciation class: 
Now this so called 'stupid' class (this time I used this word cause the lecturer always said the word when he gave the lecture so don't blame me when I used some harsh words.Seriously,you can count how many time he said it and this time its almost reached 50 times,48 to be exact)
This time we watch a very interesting movie but this movie is really violent so parental guide is advised....

Brother is a 2000 film starring, written, directed and edited by Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano. It is also his fifth collaboration with renowned Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. This was also Kitano's first collaboration with designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Yesterday I have the opportunities to hang out with my beloved teacher and my most respected senior in the Alamanda shopping mall...Other than that we also surveys some good quality of food restaurant...Here are some picture of it..

My teacher back at high school...Transferred to Selangor early this year^^

My Senior ;the one who thought me about photography and mentor in my Magazine design

At the Bamboo park;the scenery look just like in ninja-environment-movie kind...If thats even a word...

The Alamandar Shopping Mall...Its HUGE!!!!

On the ways to Village view Satey Restaurant^^

My teacher's nephew^^ I know...Cute right??? :3

 I have so much fun this week,I hope I can still have the chance to hang out with them both...

That's all for this week seeing again till next week...
Until the,Wasalam^^

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