Monday, 13 June 2011

2nd Week at Campus

Well,here I am at the blog again....and do I have a great news for you guys...and girls of course..
After 1 week of lectures and tutorial session,I noticed that I didn't belong to the Faculty of Information Technology..So I wrote an appeal letter,and surprisingly I was accepted to Faculty Of Creative Multimedia..the main reason why I chose MMU as my higher institution campus...
Just to say that everything turns out really great...the lecturer,the classmate and most importantly the chicks...(ehem!!) are all really friendly and supporting each other...Only the main problem now is buy a DSLR cam for my basic photography subject...word on the streets that the lecturer is pretty strict and all of the student must own 1 DSLR cam,any models by the end of week 2...THATS THIS WEEK!!!!!!
Well,financial is the priority if you want to study so...good luck for those who interested to further their study here...:)


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